YouTube Custom-Intent Audiences

YouTube Custom-Intent Audiences : Combine search intent to the power of video, for performance-oriented YouTube campaigns

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine after Google. It has become a crucial network for all advertisers, and that is not a surprise considering its advantages for businesses. Advertising on YouTube is still mostly seen as a way to reach brand awareness and consideration goals, but this is about to change!

Performance Advertising on YouTube ?

Over the past few months, Google Ads has been releasing more and more solutions to use YouTube Ads as a way to generate direct conversions such as purchases, subscriptions, leads, etc. Those new functionalities have been made very performance-oriented, and they enable advertisers to drive direct results, not on Search like it’s most commonly the case, but with Video. Amongst the new video ads solutions, Custom-Intent is the one symbolizing best this new direction taken by Google Ads towards Performance Video.

Ever thought about reaching people on YouTube after they have searched specific keywords on Google?

That is now possible with Custom-Intent Audiences for YouTube !

Why should you try Custom-Intent Audiences with YouTube?

Custom-Intent Audiences allow you to reach users who are actively looking for your products or services. These users are more likely to convert on your website. In fact, in most cases, if a user has searched for terms that relate to your products or services, the likelihood for that user to convert is much bigger.

This new audience targeting method is quite innovative and unique, as it’s the only ‘non-search advertising’ solution that allows advertisers to reach people based on their search history in such a simple way.

How to create a Custom-Intent Audience

Add at least 50 keywords to your audience. Think first about keywords that are generating the most conversions in your Search campaigns. Then, keywords that are regularly assisting conversions, and keywords that don’t generate conversions but that are very relevant to your business.

What ad format for Custom-Intent Audiences on YouTube?

TrueView for Action is a very good fit for Custom-Intent targeting. TrueView for Action is a new and very performance-oriented format, that makes it easy for the user to take action thanks to a frictionless experience. TrueView for Action ads are very specific due to their customized call-to-action that can show in all modes, adapting to all devices, screen sizes, orientation (call-to-action in portrait mode, landscape mode, persistent companion banner, etc).

Which bidding strategy for Custom-Intent?

Smart-Bidding with an optimisation based on a Target Cost Per Action (tCPA) is highly recommended when using Custom-Intent Audiences on YouTube. This enables your campaign to be optimized based on the cost that you’re willing to pay for each conversion.

Note: with TrueView for Action format is only compatible with Target CPA bidding.

Smart-Bidding enables you to get your campaigns to the next level. Google’s Smart Bidding uses machine learning across 70 million signals at each auction to get you the most conversions for your chosen objective. The human brain can’t cope with so many variables together. In addition to that, many signals are not available with manual bidding (browser, OS, actual query, etc).


Overall, Custom-Intent on YouTube is an excellent opportunity to generate conversions beyond Search, thanks to a very unique and innovative connexion between YouTube and Google Search. It brings the best of both worlds: performance and video so you can turn intent into conversion!