Le display advertising pour accroitre votre présence en ligne

Efficient banner ads

You have the most beautiful products in the world and would like people to know about them? Or do you offer your services that are not easy to depict and you would like to make attractive visuals?

On the web, even more than before, content is king but it is creativity that rules!

Whether it is from a blank page or defined style, our designers will be able to create attractive banners that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Banners adapted to each media

Having nice banners is good, but if they are approved and displayed by all selected media that is better…

Did you know that to cover all advertising inventory on the Google Display Network (GDN), Facebook and RTB, you need at least 20 different banner formats? And did you know that these formats change multiple times per year?

If that were it, making banner ads would be fairly easy. But in addition to the sizes you have to know if and what other restrictions are imposed by an ad network. On Facebook for example there are strict rules about the percentage of text that an advertisement may contain and Google prohibits the use of certain words.

And on top of this there are restrictions for the file size as well as for length and type of animation.

By now you will understand that having an agency who develops your campaign material and manages your campaigns really simplifies things for you.

 Des banners adaptés à chaque média
La performance aussi dans les visuels

Performance also in your visuals

What is the goal of your bannering campaign?

Do you want to imprint your Brand into conscience and unconscious minds of your target audience or do you want to drive conversions?

Another advantage of combining campaign management and the development of your ads is that banners are developed according to your objectives and can be quickly adapted depending on their results.

Services :

  • Development of esthetic and efficient campaign material,
  • Adaptation of the creatives to the different formats that are requested per medium type,
  • Creation of animated banner ads in HTML 5.

Benefits :

  • 1 contactperson,
  • Development creatives + campaign management = peace of mind,
  • Improve your online visibility,
  • Drive Brand Awareness,
  • Proactive management and adjustment for actions and promotions.

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