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Importance of creatives

Nearly half of a campaign’s return on investment comes from the creative elements. Depending on the platforms on which your ads are displayed, this impact can be even higher.

Optimal design

We imagine and create attractive designs for your creatives on all media relevant to your marketing objectives. Our advanced expertise of platforms and audiences allows us to master and follow all best practices for creatives, so your campaigns objectives can be reached.

 Des banners adaptés à chaque média

Video is crucial to your marketing

Video is the most engaging format on the web. It attracts much more attention from users than static content. More attention means more impact.

At Knewledge, we are setting up innovative synergies between our design specialists and our advertising departments in order to get the most out of this format, for maximum relevance and efficiency.

Services :

  • Creation of campaign creatives assets
  • Customization of creatives to all formats
  • Any type of creatives: jpeg banner, gif, html5, video

Benefits :

  • Integration of last best practices
  • Responsive creatives
  • Multilingual creatives (FR, EN, NL, DE)

Our experts in Banners and Videos