cibler un événement ou une promotion

Use landing pages to target an event or promotion

Driving traffic to your website through target advertising campaigns is good but it only gets you half-way to your goal.

Once the user lands on your website, he becomes a potential customer but now you need to convince him:

  1. to stay
  2. that your product or service meets his expectations and needs,
  3. that filling out a contact form or adding the product to the cart is one of the best decision he or she made that day.

But your website is fairly complex and you have no intention to mess up everything to promote just one event or promotion…

The solution? Create specific and effective landing pages.

Improve your conversion rate with an optimized landing page

As with you, the main thing that really matters to us are results (number of  conversions) of a campaign for that certain event or promotion.

Our designers are not just trying to find a way to make things look nice, they are trained to develop effective landing pages!

And this is why these pages are always responsive, so they adapt themselves to the screen resolution (for ex. smartphones), and optimized for performance.


  • We create different templates / layouts that we test simultaneously in order to identify and push the best performing version (A/B testing)
  • If possible, we use dynamic keyword insertion which improves Quality Score from traffic coming of from SEA campaigns and drive the conversion rate.

Working with our design and development services therefore is a guarantee to have effective and beautiful landing pages that match with your brand image but which are optimized to drive results.

Improve your conversion rate with an optimised landing page

Our services:

  • Development of one or multiple optimized landing pages,
  • Responsive Landing Page,
  • A/B Testing,
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion,
  • Optimized for performance,
  • Tagging of pages and buttons to measure results.

Your benefits:

  • 1 contact person,
  • Increased number of leads,
  • Increased conversion rate,
  • Encourage user to put products in their shopping basket (e-commerce),
  • Measured results.

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