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Why landing pages?

Knewledge offers a landing page creation service integrating the latest best practices, to help your website better convert.

Once on your page, the user must be convinced by high value-added content, and a design that encourages them to convert. This is where Knewledge can intervene to help you create effective landing pages.
Some websites lack flexibility and are difficult to update with each marketing action. The creation of dedicated pages is a solution.

You already have a landing page:

Does it generate enough conversions compared to the traffic it is receiving? If not, it’s time to test a different version.
To increase the conversion rate, the structure of your page plays a key role. The message you want to deliver must be understandable to the user, and it must be easy to take action. We analyse and adapt each key element to increase efficiency.

No landing page:

We create them for you, respecting your brand’s design guidelines. We build efficient landing pages, in line with your image, and optimized for search engines.

Improve your conversion rate with an optimised landing page

Our services:

  • Creation of optimized pages
  • Responsive design
  • Dynamic insertion of keywords
  • Performance optimization
  • Tagging of user actions

Your benefits:

  • Complies with your design requirements
  • Quick page load
  • Increases number of conversions
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Measurable results

Our experts in Landing Pages