Our vision of reporting

It is increasingly difficult to find information that is key to good marketing strategy management. The dashboard is a vital tool for any company that wants to use data as leverage for growth.

With customised reports, we help you find all the essential information, gathered in one place.  Whether the number of impressions of a digital advertisement or the conversion rate of a page of your website, we bring the information together for you. Our experts also help you choose the relevant KPIs and are there to listen to you for an effective dashboard that is suitable for your aims.

Our data experts develop reports that allow for more effective analysis, so that all trends and opportunities can be detected at a glance.


  • KPI analysis
  • Design and configuration of customized dashboards
  • Data sources management


  • Selection of KPIs adapted to your company and goals
  • Clear and quick overview of the key information
  • Updated automatically, in real-time

Our experts in Data Visualization & Reporting