A personalized dashboard

Would you fly a plane without a proper dashboard ? 

Running a website is in some ways similar to flying an airplane: you need to let it take off properly and then keep flying on course in order to arrive at your destination. Flying blind would not really be a good idea…

Over the years, the amount of data that we need to take into account to analyse the performance of a website has exploded. It has become really difficult to have a full overview of the information that help you make the right strategic decisions.

On top of that comes the fact that each business has its own characteristics, strategy and of course its own performance indicators.

An essential tool to communicate results in a company are therefore well-thought-out dashboards which allow you to:

  • present results to your team,
  • evaluate and adapt marketing budget,
  • motivate employees with precise goals

Dashboards in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to follow up on your website statistics and on the performance of your marketing campaigns. A lot of data is in there but it is easy to get lost, going from report to report without getting the essential information.

Our experts discuss with you which data is useful for your business. Then we will create dashboards according to your needs, either directly in Google Analytics, in third-party reporting tools like Dashthis or Klipfolio or, for customised solutions, by using the APIs of Google analytics, Adwords and other marketing channels to combine their data with your internal data.

Where useful we will also set up import of additional data into Google Analytics or help you to export data from Google Analytics and other sources into your internal tools.

Contact us for more information!


  • Analysis of your KPI’s,
  • Conception and configuration of your personal dashboard,
  • Configuration of automated reports per e-mail at the desired frequency,
  • Printable dashboard.


  • Clear vision and quick results,
  • Help to fine-tune your marketing strategy,
  • Support for internal and external communication,
  • Automated emails with updated reports.

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