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Facebook fan pages already grow in a natural way through fans «liking» and «sharing» content of the page which then appears on the «wall» of each person in their networks. The power of social networks is built on the word-of-mouth principe. Once you consider the number of users of a social network, it is clear how quickly messages can spread and reach an enormous amount of people. Other networks like LinkedIn and Twitter work roughly similar, but Facebook is currently certainly the biggest network for social advertising.

On top of this natural growth communities and fan bases can also grow by advertising for them, with specials ads such as «Like ads», sponsored posts or promoted tweets. But what is the best strategy to make full use of the options that social networks offer?


Precise targeting

Social networks have access to a lot of data of their visitors, among these socio-demographic but also interest-based data. Some networks also allow very precise targeting based on email addresses, work places and similar. When you run an advertising campaign on social media, these data and targeting possibilities are at your disposal which allows to extremely fine-tune your target audience.
These excellent targeting options make it possible to use social advertising not just to get more fans or followers, but also for general brand awareness and for direct response campaigns.

Optimal Return on Investment

Whether is fan recruitment, boosting the visibility of a post with a very specific target audience, promoting your events, products and services or pushing the download of your application – our experts manage and optimize your campaigns to realize your goals at the lowest advertising cost. We also provide the necessary and complete reporting about the results in totally transparent way.


Community management

Although we really embrace Social Media and acknowledge its marketing value, we believe that community management and content of Social Media ought to be managed by the advertisers themselves.

Community and content management on social media is more than building up a content plan and posting content. It also demands the implementation of a customer support or reaction flow and a Social Media policy. Both provide guidelines and procedures on how to deal with different types of scenarios and stipulate the rules on how employees are to act on Social Media.
Knewledge can provide you with the necessary advice and support, but the actual management should be done by you – after all you are the one that your community wants to be in contact with.

Our services:

  • Set up of different social profiles (Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest,
  • Management of Social Media Advertising campaigns,
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns,
  • Reporting of campaign results.

Your benefits:

  • Extend over network with an incredible reach,
  • Reach the best audience for your marketing goals
  • Build long lasting relationships,
  • Generate brand awareness.

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