How to develop a digital media strategy?

Developing a strategy for online marketing is hard work. Today marketeers still have troubles with this. How do you get started? And what is a digital media strategy?

A strategy requires to set up a plan with useful marketing tactics. You start with defining which goals you want to achieve and determine which resources are available to reach these goals. Then you identify which digital media to use. Once you have the first results you analyse the data and then adjust the resources and media accordingly. But how do you determine which digital media you have to use in your online marketing plan?

The digital media landscape evolves quickly

The online media landscape but also the media consumption of people is changing quickly. We spend more and more time on the internet. But we also divide our attention between different types of digital media. And on top of that we use different devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Creating a online marke ting plan therefore poses multiple challenges. You need to:

  1. Reach your target audience in the most effective way,
  2. Determine which media is the most adequate for your goal,
  3. Develop a strategy that is accustomed to the change of media usage,
  4. Take into account user behavior and characteristics of all devices,
  5. Have coherent messaging at the right time.


Our digital experts are here to help you meet these challenges!

  • We help you build a tactical plan in line with your business goals,
  • We set up the most suitable marketing campaigns,
  • We fine-tune these campaigns in function of the results,
  • We re-allocate investments based upon data analysis.

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Customer Journey

Our services:

  • Digital media strategy,
  • Digital media advice,
  • Digital planning and optimization.

We help you to:

  • Develop a digital strategy,
  • Analyse results of your online media mix,
  • Optimize your investment,
  • Adjust your strategy based upon data analysis.

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