Why choose Programmatic Display?

Programmatic, also known as real time bidding (RTB), is causing a real revolution in buying and selling banner campaigns online. Ad-exchanges and related technology (DFP and other DSPs) now allow advertisers to effectively reach and bid on their target audience.

You are no longer buying ad space but you are now bidding on real time impressions with your target audience.  And this is so much more effective!

RTB campaigns allow you to precisely target your prospect by selecting socio-demographic and behavioral targeting criteria which correspond to your target audience.

Your banners will be only shown to users that are potentially interested in your product or promotion which helps to improve the results.

Where are my banners shown?

Large media houses sell a part of their unsold inventory through open market places on RTB. They also set up private market places for personal deals with agencies/advertisers. So you will find most of the advertising inventory of the biggest publishers on RTB but in the network you will also find the inventory of the Google Display Network and even advertising space on social networks at really interesting prices.

Bid prices are calculated in real time based upon multiple criteria such as the size of the banner, the website, the placement, targeting etc..

Depending on the goal of your campaign and the results we will adjust bids, placements and fine-tune the campaign targeting in order to deliver the best results. Contact our RTB experts.

Our services:

  • Media planning,
  • Account and campaign setup,
  • Ongoing optimisation,
  • Creation of campaign material,
  • Creation of landing pages,
  • Reporting.

Your benefits:

  • Integrated campaign approach,
  • 1 contact person,
  • RTB experts that are in direct contact with platform technicians,
  • Design and creation of material taken care of.

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