Programmatic (Real Time Bidding)

In recent years, the automation of media buying has completely transformed the advertising industry. With programmatic buying (or RTB), you no longer just buy a predefined advertising placement. You can bid in real time on specific audiences. Vision changes completely as you target people, not placements.
Display RTB campaigns allow you to reach your prospects accurately by targeting socio-demographic and behavioral attributes that best match your target audience. Your banners/videos are seen by users potentially interested in your products/services, which significantly increases your return on investment.


  • Media plan
  • Selection of targets and audiences
  • Account and campaigns set-up
  • Ongoing optimizations
  • Creation of banners
  • Reporting


  • Programmatic strategy
  • Ad spend optimizations
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Banners creation


  • Independent Trading Desk
  • Transparency
  • Integrated services
  • One single point of contact