Copywriting for SEO

Presenting information in a clear and attractive way while keeping search engines in mind is a challenge we face each time when creating a new page.

Writing content is a service which is most of all associated with website development or the development of landing pages by our designers but it is more than that.

We help you to improve your:

  • Product and service pages,
  • Company description,
  • News items,
  • Blogposts,
  • Promo brochures,
  • Etc.

Whether it is a one shot mission to freshen up your content or a continuous project to write blog or new articles, our copywriters adjust to your goal.



1. The brief

Our copywriter familiarizes themselves with your brief, analyses your objectives and get in line with your message, editorial style and company philosophy. They ensure that they have understood your products and the profile of the customers you want to reach.

2. Keyword research

As an SEO expert, the copywriter analyses the keywords first to find the most useful terms that will engage your target. They will then submit them to you for approval.

3. Optimised copywriting

The aim is to draft content that:

  • informs the user of the product or service’s benefits
  • facilitates conversion with clear calls to action
  • raises the page’s position in search engine results.

Given the amount of information an average web user browses each day, our copywriter shows creativity, plays with synonyms and places the keywords selected in the right places.

4. SEO as well

In general, the writing service we offer also includes Search Engine Optimization. Our experts also write the Title, H and Meta Description tags.

Web page performance (visits, transactions, Google positions, etc.) can also be monitored in personalized reports.

Under certain conditions, we work directly in your CMS.


Services :

  • Drafting content for the web
  • Keyword analysis
  • Search trend analysis
  • SEO optimisation
  • Performance tracking
  • Translation service


  • Copywriters who are SEO experts
  • A single point of contact
  • Proactivity
  • Editorial calendar
  • Deadlines met

Our experts in Copywriting