Copywriting for SEO

Presenting information in a clear and attractive way while keeping search engines in mind is a challenge we face each time when creating a new page.

Writing webcopy is a service which is most of all associated with website development or the development of landing pages by our designers but it is more than that.

We help you to improve your:

  • Product and service pages,
  • Company description,
  • News items,
  • Blogposts,
  • Promo brochures,
  • Etc.

Whether it is a one shot mission to freshen up your copy or a continuous assignment to write blog or new articles, our copywriters adjust to your goal.

Multiple persons in a copywriter’s mind…

  • First of all you!

Our copywriter will take your briefing, analyse your goals, dive into your message, tone of voice and company philosophy. He will ensure to be on the same wave length before starting to write. Should you ask him to speak for you, he would speak with your accent…

  • Then your customer

The goal seems simple but in reality it is difficult. The copy should inform a potential customer about product features or what the services is about. It should convince the prospect of the benefits and added value that your product / service will bring him. It has to facilitate easy transformation of a prospect into a customer with the help of clear call to actions. Knowing that the average user is exposed to a large amount of commercial messages, the copywriter has to be creative and smart to stand out in order to convince to act on your website!

  • And of course the search engine

Analyse search volume and search trends, find keywords that drive quality traffic, play around with synonyms and then place the selected keywords on the right place while ensuring that text are readable and have a natural appearance. You need to think like Google to do so.

But you have the final say

We never publish without your final agreement and if you do not agree? Well, then we take a blank page and start all over again.

Save time and energy, request a test from our copywriters.


Services :

  • Copywriting for the Web,
  • Keyword analysis,
  • Search Trend Analysis,
  • SEO optimization,
  • Follow up of performance.

Benefits :

  • Copywriters that are experts in SEO,
  • One contact person for all your types of content,
  • Proactivity,
  • Content calendar,
  • Deadlines are respected.

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