What is a tag?

A tag is a little piece of specific code which is placed on strategic pages of your website. This code tracks and uploads data about certain user actions made on your website into an analytics tool.
The most common tag is certainly for Google Analytics, but each online marketing network also uses tags to store and upload data to their platform (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, RTB,…).

Which tracking? Where? How?

Tracking is a key element in following up on how visitors interact with your website and on how well your online marketing campaign work.
Considering the complexity of many websites, the diversity of user interactions that might count as conversion as well as the increasing amount of marketing platforms used nowadays this means handling quite a lot of tags.

Our experts help you to to ensure that all tags are triggered under the right conditions and track the correct data.

At Knewledge, we assure full service:

  • Tagging plan and technical to-do list with developer instructions
  • Direct contact with your developers
  • Checkup on existing tag implementation
  • Setup of tagging for dynamic remarketing
  • Setup of tagging for enhanced e-commerce with Google Analytics
  • Configuration and management via Google Tag Manager

Our services:

  • Tracking plan
  • Tag creation, installation and management
  • Google Tag Manager


  • Full support
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Certifications
  • Proactive Management

Our experts in Tag Management