Video ads

Are you often confronted with commercial ads when you are surfing YouTube or Facebook? Would you also like to benefit from the success of YouTube to promote your brand, your company and your products? Advertising on YouTube or Facebook is the perfect mix to be combined with other online channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Search Engine Advertising.

Advertising on YouTube has some particularities. There are several advertising formats and targeting options available and there are two buying method (cost per mille or cost per view). Depending on the chosen format, users may have the possibility to skip the ad if they do not find it interesting or entertaining. This offers the advertiser some advantages as he only pays when the user actually views the commercial entirely *.

*This is only applicable for InStream format. Our experts will advise you on the formats which are most suitable for your goal and budget.

Video campaigns on Facebook use the same granular targeting possibilities as other ad formats within Facebook.

Precisely targeted video ads

Like Programmatic Display, YouTube and Facebook offers the possibility to target your audience precisely based upon interest categories, topics and demographic data.

The effectiveness of video advertising depends on:

  • Targeting your audience correctly (interest categories vs. placements),
  • The first of 5 seconds of your commercial.

Video advertising (on YouTube) requires:

  • Precise targeting of the target audience,
  • Testing of different formats,
  • A YouTube channel preferably with a customized background and good organization.

To measure the effectiveness of your video, different criteria are analyzed:

  • Total number of  views,
  • View rates (how much of the commercial is being watched),
  • Drop-off points in the commercial.

Optimal return on investment

Our experts build targeted video campaigns that are mostly broadcast on YouTube and the Google Display Network. We manage the campaigns to get a maximum amount of views at the lowest investment.  We buy ad space based on cost per view and provide fully transparent reporting, all this on a performance based fee!

Our services:

  • Opening of an advertising account (if necessary)
  • Setup and management of campaigns and placement
  • Continuous optimization of your campaigns, targeted placements in alignment with your campaign goals
  • Reporting

Your benefits of video advertising (on YouTube):

  • Reach your target audience online,
  • Measure the effectiveness of your commercial and your advertising spend,
  • Pay for view only!

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