Our video advertising approach

Video is the most engaging type of content on the web and it’s certainly no coincidence that it is everywhere you turn. Platforms such as social networks and YouTube are “Content First” orientated networks.

With these platforms, users consume content that has been published by their family and friends, YouTubers, companies, and many other sources. Knewledge will help you to effectively grab their attention by employing the best possible video strategies.

Our experts in Social Ads and videos will help you multiply the amount of attention your content receives tenfold.

Video meets all goals

While video advertising has always been an exceptional channel for developing brand awareness and consideration, it is now possible for to cover the entire purchase funnel and even generate direct sales and leads through video ads.

Indeed, YouTube and social networks, such as Facebook, have developed audiences and innovative formats that allow performances-oriented video ads. Video campaigns that convert is reality!

Video creation is not “too expensive”

Creating a video is less expensive than people generally think. In order to make sure that budgets don’t become an obstacle to using this format, Knewledge has developed a number of innovative methods to make this media accessible without compromising on quality or performance.

Our designers use the most innovative tools so that they can create videos quickly. This means you benefit from unparalleled flexibility and the ability for us to continually adapt to your various campaigns.

Our services:

  • Create powerful videos
  • Reach your audience at all stages of the conversion funnel
  • Adapt strategy and material to all formats and platforms


  • Advertising formats adapted to all objectives
  • Targeting methods that are ever more precise and relevant
  • Only pay for videos that are actually viewed

Video Campaigns Audit

Our experts conduct a complete audit : fast, accurate, confidential and without obligation. Check if your video campaigns are well optimized by requesting your free audit.
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