What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, in short « SEO », is the term used to cover all the techniques to improve your website’s natural ranking. The goal is simple: make sure that your website is visible and well represented in the result pages of search engines, especially Google (which has a market share of over 90% in most European countries).  However, also other Search Engines as well as your visitors profit from these optimizations.

Visibility in Search Engines

Our experts will guide you through all steps to optimize your website for Search Engines.  The long term goal is to attract more quality visits and thus increase your conversions. We usually start off with technical audit of the website before even moving on to keyword research. It does not make any sense to work on content optimization if a search engine is confronted with technical issues or flaws that hinder its ability to access or index your website and thus will impact your ranking.


Content Optimization

Once the fundaments of the website are correctly built up, we start with optimizing the content. Our experts will research the keywords most relevant to your goals, your company’s activities and your target audience. Sometimes the keywords that you use for your content are not used by your potential visitors and some keywords might have heavy competition. Our team will help you to find the best and most efficient keywords to reach your target audience.
After that our team will guide you through the best practices of optimizing important page elements and rewriting your content. The value or importance of a keyword will be based upon multiple data sources such as AdWords campaigns or Google Analytics data.

Back links

In order to improve your rankings, optimization needs to focus on technical basics, content, usability and popularity. For the latter part, we are not just talking about the usual backlinks but also about social signals. Each high-quality link from another website to your website is considered by search engines as a sign of interest. So 1 link = 1 vote of interest. However, links need to be analyzed and optimized to retrieve the maximum value out of them and having bad links to your website can actually hurt your ranking. Our experts help you to analyze and build up a strategy of getting high-quality links.

A solid Search Engine Optimization project requires hard work over a long period of time. Our team will support and advise you during the whole process. Once the basic setup has been implemented, we will continue to monitor the organic ranking on the selected keywords. If required, our team will intervene proactively in order to discuss where adjustments need to be made.


Our services:

  • Technical audit to improve indexation,
  • Strategic recommendations for webmasters (domain strategy / website architecture, language handling, mobile website),
  • Keyword analysis and research,
  • Optimization of on-page factors and web copy,
  • Strategic recommendations for content, editors (keyword research, content structure, copy writing),
  • Link building & optimization,
  • Optimized press releases,
  • Social media strategy adjusted and targeted to improve your natural ranking,
  • Reports on the positions in the search engines and follow up.

Your benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Improvement of your website’s natural ranking,
  • Improvement of your visibility on relevant keywords used by your target audience,
  • Increased awareness of your brand.

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