Our vision SEO

Search Engine Optimisation brings together all the techniques that optimise a website’s structure and content. The main aim is to raise the website’s position among organic (non-paid) results on search engines (mainly Google).

Although it is impossible to control the algorithms and therefore guarantee a position based on a specific keyword. at Knewledge, we do consider that SEO can be managed through specific KPIs. These are defined based on the website’s objectives, such as to increase geolocated traffic, conversions or revenue. They are monitored via personalised reports.


Our SEO experts analyse your website in depth to identify the factors that may be preventing it from being indexed. To do this, we study the web user’s behaviour on your website, the technical and editorial factors, your website’s page loading times, the backlinks, user-friendliness and all the parameters that could improve your website’s performance.

We support your developers and webmasters throughout the whole process, from a customised technical audit to position monitoring via the optimisation of fundamental SEO tags and text content. The backlinks are also analysed, and a link building strategy is developed.

Customised reports of positions and other KPIs are sent at a frequency that depends on the project’s objectives.

Our services:

  • Technical audit to improve indexation,
  • Strategic recommendations for webmasters (domain strategy / website architecture, language handling, mobile website),
  • Keyword analysis and research,
  • Optimization of on-page factors and web copy,
  • Strategic recommendations for content, editors (keyword research, content structure, copy writing),
  • Link building & optimization,
  • Optimized press releases,
  • Social media strategy adjusted and targeted to improve your natural ranking,
  • Reports on the positions in the search engines and follow up.

Benefits of SEO:

  • Improvement of your website’s natural ranking,
  • Improvement of your visibility on relevant keywords used by your target audience,
  • Increased awareness of your brand.

What our clients have to say

AXA Luxembourg (Best Online Experience of the Year — Marketers)

The agency developed an SEO strategy to direct web users to the closest AXA branch to their location.

« This prize is truly satisfying and demonstrates our excellent collaboration over 4 years. Thank you to the entire team! »
– Mathieu LAFOND, Marketing & Digital Manager


« The Google Ads campaign and work on SEO have really borne fruit. We are now fully booked up until the end of June. Above all, we are once again at the top of organic results, for essential keywords. It’s very good. Excellent work »
– Benoit FOSSEPREZ, Directeur

Our experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)