Our vision of Display

The Google Display Network is a huge network of websites and mobile apps that can be used to run Display campaigns created within Google Ads interface. According to Google, the Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of global web users, across more than 2 million websites!

The success of the GDN all comes down to the fact that you only have to pay once a user has clicked on your banner (pay-per-click).

Using the GDN for display advertising in today’s world means benefiting from all the features, data and technology associated with Google Ads, particularly in terms of audiences. There are lots of targeting options that make it possible to meet all your goals, from brand awareness to conversion.

Knewledge has developed unprecedented expertise in GDN and will help you to fully exploit its potential. Our Display specialists develop strategies that mean you can use Display to extend your reach beyond Search. Running Display campaigns that generate conversions is a reality with Knewledge.

Our creative specialists also offer you the option of creating banners. Our Display campaign experts and our designers work closely together to perfectly align campaigns and creatives.

Our video experts help you to :

  • Create high-performing banners
  • Reach your audience at all steps of the conversion funnel
  • Adapt strategy and creatives to all formats


  • Display formats adapted to all goals
  • Ever more precise targeting methods
  • Pay only for clicks on your ads
  • Highly measurable and optimisable

Free audit of your Google Ads account

We will audit your Google Ads account for free. As part of this, we will comprehensively look at all control points in confidence and without any obligation on your part. On average, we identify more than 35% in savings that can be achieved on the accounts we audit.
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