Performance-oriented YouTube campaigns ?

12 Feb

Yes! With Custom-Intent Audiences on YouTube, you can combine search intent to the power of video, for video campaigns that convert! Let’s see how.  YouTube is now the 2nd largest […]

What is Waze Advertising ?

29 Jan

Waze has a highly-engaged, loyal audience of 100 million drivers worldwide. Users spend an average of 11 hours per month on Waze. Haven’t been convinced yet? Check out the rest. […]

Google Analytics Training

12 Jan

Introduction to Google Analytics. Training given on the 12 January 2016 at the paperJam Club Workshop. Topics covered in the presentation: Why use web analytics Google Analytics Create an account […]

Conversion Day 2014

09 May

Yesterday was a great day for the Belgian Online Media Sector. Traditionally around this year Search University is organized. Over the years this event became on of the biggest events in […]

Tips & Tricks for more effective Remarketing

05 May

Remarketing is a very powerful technique to complete your online activities but also often perceived as intrusive.This presentation given by Wouter Schikhof will provide a framework on how to develop […]

Custom dimensions and metrics in Universal Analytics

25 Feb

Universal Analytics makes it easy to track custom data using custom dimensions and metrics. This blog post lists some useful ideas what custom data can be tracked.

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