What is Waze Advertising ?

Waze has a highly-engaged, loyal audience of 100 million drivers worldwide. Users spend an average of 11 hours per month on Waze. Haven’t been convinced yet? Check out the rest.

What is Waze Advertising?

Their definition is “The world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app”. Google purchased Waze and amplified its community-sourced navigation capabilities to an audience of 100 million drivers worldwide.

What about EU? 11 million users in France, 1 million users in Belgium and more than 33,000 users in Luxembourg + cross-border drivers.

As such, Waze’s global community of 100 million users spends an average of 11 hours per month on the Waze app, more than Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular branding platforms.

Waze is leveraging its global network of highly-engaged, loyal users for both large brands and small and medium-sized businesses to connect them to nearby drivers and turn commuters into customers.

Waze Audience

With Waze, you’re reaching drivers who are truly local to your business’s area.

Here’s a snapshot of who they are:

Waze Ad formats?

Those efforts are supported with the following advertising placements. (Details provided by Waze)

Waze Formats

Branded pins – Like a store sign, pins inform and remind drivers that your business is on or near their route.

Promoted search – Your locations will be promoted to the top of search results and include your brand logo.

Zero speed takeovers – The Zero-Speed Takeover is a digital billboard. It is shown when drivers are at a complete stop.


Waze Advertising packages

Waze local: The options come in two packages, starter and plus and are based on a per day pricing structure. The biggest differences between the two are pricing, account support and the use of zero speed takeovers.



$2 Per Day

Suitable For 1-10 Locations

Branded Pins

Promoted Search

Geographical Targeting

Self-Service Platform

Email Support


$100 Per Day

Suitable For 1-50 Locations

Zero Speed Takeover

Geo Targeting & Time Scheduling

Dedicated Account Manager

Branded Pins

Promotional Search


Waze for brand: Waze for Brands offers everything that Waze Local includes, plus innovative partnership opportunities to promote products and services as drivers navigate with Waze.

What about performances?

Waze offers multiples customisable dashboards to see how customers connect with your campaigns. A wide range of metrics will help you assess whether you meet your KPIs or not.

Please note that there is not native or third-party Google DataStudio connector for Waze at this time of writing.

Need even more local reach?

Two additional options have similar advertising to Waze, and that is the Google Maps Promoted Pins, Facebook store visits and Bing promoted pins. These pins are set up through Google Ads and Bing ads through location extensions, but they do not appear within Waze, so this could be a good collaborative effort in driving more traffic to your local stores.

Knewledge is certified for Google ads – Waze advertising solution and Bing ads. Get in touch for more information, we are always happy to help!