Reconnecting with past visitors

Retargeting is an online marketing technique which targets previous visitors to your website. It allows advertisers to reconnect with past visitors and try to re-capture their interest. This is mostly done by adding a special ttacking tag to your website and based on the tracked data a specific display ad is pushed through an advertising networks such as the Google Display Network or Facebook or RTB. But retargeting can also be used e.g. for Google search campaigns.

Specific ads for specific visitors

Retargeting allows you create different scenarios and fire specific ads based upon the behavior of the visitor during the previous visits. Therefore people sometimes refer to it as behavioral targeting. There are different platforms through which you can build remarketing campaigns.

Google offers retargeting through Google Ads, Facebook offers way to retarget visitors with the newsfeed and Real Time Bidding platforms use their own remarketing techniques to get in touch with people that already have been exposed to a specific advertising campaign. And then there are specialised platforms such as Criteo that use their own optimisation algorithms to show the best products related to to the previous visits of a visitor.


Our expertise

Our experts help you with developing and building up different scenarios which will then be used to target different specific audiences. We will advise you on the different targeting options to reach your audience at the right time with the right ad without generating an overload.

Our services:

  • Opening of accounts on retargeting platforms, usually Google Ads or Criteo,
  • Help with setting up the tracking on your website
  • Help with setting up the product feed for dynamic remarketing
  • Setup and management of campaigns and placements,
  • Continuous optimization of your campaigns and targeted placements,
  • Custom reporting.

Your benefits from Retargeting:

  • Increase online sales by specifically targeting previous visitors,
  • Improve cross-selling by promoting related products to customers,
  • Based up on interest categories, action or behavior that is prior to the sale,
  • Direct or indirect assistance to conversion,
  • Return on investment (ROI) under control.

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