Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is an online marketing technique that allows to create different scenarios based on the actions performed by visitors on your site, and to trigger specific ads based on these past actions. For example, an ad shown to a visitor who has only made one visit will be different from the one shown to the person who added an item to the shopping cart.

Although Google’s Display network is the best-known, companies such as Criteo have specialized in dynamic remarketing. They are often the ones who serve banners with products that you have seen on an e-commerce site. Facebook Ads also provides many powerful remarketing features with innovative formats. RTB platforms also allow to use these techniques. YouTube has very precise retargeting possibilities, allowing you to create advanced scenarios too.

At Knewledge, we develop cross-platform remarketing scenarios that guarantee relevance and performance. We take into account dozens of factors to establish the strategy, including average time to purchase, past actions, online behaviour, and past interactions with other marketing actions.




  • Remarketing scenarios
  • Creating messages based on audiences
  • Bid strategies


  • Low cost per acquisition
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Control over frequency capping