What is a Product Feed ?

A product feed is a file containing data about your products and their characteristics through which your e-commerce website automatically provides its catalogue to affiliated websites and other platforms such as Google Shopping. A product feed is also necessary if you want to set up dynamic remarketing campaigns on Google or other platforms, e.g. Facebook or Criteo.

In practice, the product feed is is usually an XML file that is created by your web shop and updated on a regular basis and which partners consult.

What do we find in this file? Product images, names, brands, prices, descriptions, available stock etc. Additional fields are usually used to group products or indicate promotions.

Why an expert in Feed Management

Because it is never as simple as you hope it to be…
There a various plugins for many webshops that can generate a product feed, but often these plugins are not adjusted to the particularities of the shop. We find a lot of problems with feed structures, missing attributes or incoherent and incomplete data.

Another challenge is posed by the different requirements of the various platforms. You also need to ensure that all destination urls are tagged such that you can follow up on these campaigns in your web analytics tool. So you often need to create a special feed for every platform that you use.

Optimizing feeds also works differently across the platforms. Google shopping for example mainly uses the content of title and description to extract keywords, so it must be ensured that these fields contain all relevant data while keeping the title short and interesting enough to incite a click. For dynamic remarketing keywords are not relevant, but the title and, depending on the platform also the description, must be short and to the point to ensure that all relevant info can be shown in the ad.

Forced to solve this issues in product feeds in the past, we have now developed a solid expertise in managing and optimizing product feeds.

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