immoRegion.fr is a French portal for real estate 100% local for the region

Lorraine and l’Alsace managed by atHome Luxembourg, which is the leading real estate portal in Luxemburg and member of the REA Group. The adwords campaigns were managed internally before they became really complex.

ImmoRegion.fr wanted to:

  • Decrease the average (CPC) as well as increasing traffic, on a fixed budget
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Decrease the cost per conversion

These targets were logic for a portal but contradictory for Adwords campaigns. Optimizing for traffic requires a different approach compared to optimizing for conversions.


In order to realize these goals Knewledge did the following:

  • Restructuration of the Adwords campaigns for the Search (SEA) and Display network with a better segmentation in order to allow better optimization.
  • Implement the automatisation of keywords and ad texts in function of the offers present on the portal by means of XML files and a tailor made Adwords scripting.
  • First optimize for Quality Score for each ad groups to enable us to drive down the average cost per click and secondly focus on constant traffic.
  • Judge and evaluate keywords, ad text and CPC bids in order to meet all goals.


After 6 months of campaigns :

  • Decrease of the cost per click (CPC) : -30%
  • Increase of the amount of clicks : + 39%
  • Increase of the number of conversions : +639%
  • Decrease of the cost per conversion : -61%