Our vision of mobile advertising

Consumer behaviour has changed. Regardless of your industry, the mobile phone is of key importance, whatever stage of the conversion funnel you look at. It is crucial that all marketing strategies are adapted for mobile use. Whether via social media, Google Ads, or new tools such as Waze Ads, you can now reach out to the consumer, wherever they may be.

With geolocation tools becoming ever more precise, we can use tools that deploy the latest technology to help you target your audience at the best possible time. Whether at home, at work, at an event or on public transport, we can ensure that your audience is being reached at the key stages of the customer journey. At Knewledge, we are certain that adapting your marketing strategy for mobiles is one of the primary ways in which to gain qualified traffic.

No e-commerce website or online services? Don’t panic!

Mobile advertising is still relevant to your business. Encourage your future customers to visit your physical store through mobile advertising campaigns such as Facebook Store Visits or Google’s Drive to Store campaigns.

Our certified experts will help you configure and execute all types of mobile advertising campaigns. Your prospects will be supported throughout the decision process, from pinning down their needs through to an online or physical purchase.

Our services:

  • Reach your customers, wherever they may be
  • Reach them at the right time for them
  • Create ads adapted to all types of device
  • Use channels and technologies specifically geared towards mobile advertising
  • Create a modern and relevant marketing strategy targeting the youngest generations

Your benefits of mobile advertising:

  • Improve visibility
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Generate sales or leads
  • Measurable return on investment (ROI)