Visibility in the result pages of Search Engines

Depending on what exactly you want to achieve, you could use different channels to increase the visibility of your website. You can invest into large Branding or Activation campaigns through Display Advertising and Video Advertising. You can also develop a campaign with a Viral Marketing mechanism pushed through Social Media.

The most cost-effective way for you to improve your website’s visibility and generate traffic is to be more visible in the result pages of Search Engines, be it organic, paid or both. This way you are focusing on people that actually search for your product or that need a solution relevant to their problem. If you are present at the moment that people have a need then your result is highly relevant to them. This increases your chances of getting that sale considerably.

Search Engine Marketing

That is the biggest reason why, in general, the return on investment in Search Engine Marketing is much better compared to other marketing activities. But, compared to traditional media, Search Engine Marketing requires a more proactive follow-up and continuous optimization. In the end this investment leads to better results at a lower cost.

To measure and optimize the results of your investment it is important to analyze and act on the Web Analytics data of your website.


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