Quality traffic

Generating traffic is relatively easy but attracting high-quality visits is a very different issue. The success or failure of an advertising campaign strongly depends on the relevance of the advertisement to the target audience. An advertisement which is not attractive or relevant will not lead to an increase in brand awareness nor will it generate traffic. If the content of the advertising campaign does not match up with the landing page and with the offered products, then most visitors will leave the page immediately, leading to a high-cost campaign with only very few conversions.

Similar for natural search engine optimization – your entry in the search result pages needs to be perfect to attract converting visitors. People use search engines multiple times per day to find information or navigate towards websites. So if the pages of your website rank well then you will have a lot of sustainable, high-quality traffic.

In general it takes more time for natural Search Engine Optimization to have an effect on the traffic, whereas Search Engine Advertising is ideal to get quick results.

A unique experience

An increase in website traffic must always start with reaching the target audience. On the other hand you need to focus on the user and provide a great user experience. In the digital world the competition is only one click away. So you have to provide interesting, entertaining and relevant content. If the user experience meets the level of expectations your traffic will continue to increase on a natural basis. Therefore it is important to ensure that your website is user friendly and does not have any technical problems. A/B tests provide a way to test different versions of a website to see which is best for your visitors.


Social media

Besides working on Display Advertising and Search Engine Optimization, Social Media can be a great way of building up sustainable traffic to your website. People spend more and more time on social media networks to exchange information or experiences. Therefore the optimal use of Social Media can have a great value in your marketing approach and should be integrated step by step into your marketing strategy. Social media management requires constant monitoring and active management.

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