Google Premier Partner

Google provides certification to agencies that have multiple AdWords Qualified Professionals. To become certified partner, agencies must meet certain criteria. They are a guarantee of quality for advertisers and are a proof of professionalism for agencies.

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Google provides Google Analytics certificates to individuals which have passed the Google Analytics IQ exam. This certificate confirms a thorough knowledge web analytics implementation, configuration and data analysis through Google Analytics.
bing ads certified

Bing accredited professional

Bing is less used than Google, but can also provide valuable traffic for our clients. In order to become a certified Bing ads professional, team members need to pass an exam similar to Adwords exams and prove the knowledge and professionalism of the agency.

Adform Certified

Managing Programmatic Display requires skills in trafficking, targeting the right audiences and optimization. This certificate specific to Adform (DSP) confirms our deep understanding of how to traffic, setup, target, track and optimize programmatic display effectively.

Twitter Flight School

A dynamic learning experience to help you craft the best ways of integrating Twitter into your work.

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