Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner is the highest level of certification that Google awards to certified agencies. To become a Google Ads Certified Partner, several advanced criteria must be met. They are a guarantee of quality for advertisers, and proof of the agency's professionalism.

Facebook Marketing Partner

The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and services with Facebook marketing solutions

Google Analytics Certified

Google provides Google Analytics certificates to individuals which have passed the Google Analytics IQ exam. This certificate confirms a thorough knowledge web analytics implementation, configuration and data analysis through Google Analytics.

Facebook Certified Media Planning

The certification is awarded to professionals who have demonstrated advanced competency in designing an end-to-end Facebook marketing strategy that aligns with business objectives and complements a holistic marketing plan.
bing ads certified

Bing Ads Certified

Bing Ads rewards specialists who have passed the Bing advertising exam with a certification, proof of the agency's knowledge and professionalism.

Waze Ads Partner

Agencies with the Waze badge have demonstrated their expertise in Waze Ads, and are best positioned to help you leverage all facets of the platform

Adform Certified

Adform Certification (DSP) confirms our deep understanding of how to traffic, setup, target, track and optimize programmatic campaigns effectively.

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