Golfmania is a one retailer selling golf material at a discount price such as clubs, drivers, wedges, balls and clothing. They target the French market. Golfmania wanted to improve their visibility on specific searches to attract more potential customers and drive conversion through the organic search results. The results were stuck on the second page.


Knewledge performed a check up on the most important on page factors for the selected keywords. As most best practices were implemented a specific link building campaign was developed to increase the website authority through qualitative link building. Optimized press releases were distributed and public reportages on Golf blogs were issued.



  • 2011 (0 point) : 14 position on “matériel de golf” in Google.fr,
  • April 2012: 3rd position on “matériel de golf” in Google.fr,
  • May 2012: 1st position on “matériel de golf” in Google.fr,
  • May 2012: 2nd position on “materiel de golf” in Google.fr.

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