Would you like to generate more leads or sales?

Affiliate marketing campaigns on networks such as Tradedoubler, Zanox and TradeTracker can be very profitable. Affiliate networks provide a large network of websites that enable you to reach your potential customer. The biggest advantage: you only pay a fee based upon the number or value of generated sales or leads!

The key to success

The key to success is to build and promote an attractive affiliate program.  The start is simple:

  • Sign up to one or more affiliate networks
  • Provide material (banners, text links, emailing kits, …)
  • Specify your conditions
  • Start recruiting affiliates

This seems pretty easy but in practice it can easily get complicated. You need to check what is really happening:

  • Which affiliates are fulfilling your business objectives?
  • Are there affiliates that try to make money off your Brand Attractiveness easily?
  • How to build a commission system that is fair to all?


Affiliate Marketing requires monitoring, follow up, animation and support of the affiliates who participate in the program. It also requires analyzing your sales data and deduplication of the campaign results so that commissions are only paid to those affiliates that really contribute to your business.

Our experts will set up you and build profitable affiliate programs generating the sales or leads you like to have. We will manage the campaign to get results at the best correct cost per sale / lead possible!  No hidden costs, fully transparent reporting and all this on a performance based fee!

Our services:

  • Setup of account(s) with different affiliate networks
    (TradeDoubler – Zanox – TradeTracker)
  • Development of effective affiliate programs
  • Approach and propose the program to potential affiliates
  • Implementation of deduplication of your traffic sources
  • Continuous follow up and checkup on affiliates
  • Network animation
  • Continuous follow up and adjustment to improve campaign results, conversions vs. ROI

The benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Direct or indirect lead generation or sales
  • Return on investment (ROI) under control
  • Follow up and deduplication of campaign results

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